Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Busy, busy!

Its been a very busy year at work.  I started the year preparing for Tynwald Day and the State Opening of Parliment on the Isle of Man.

I have now entered my final 2 years of Service and will leave the Royal Navy on 14 January 2015.  I have had a great time but now I am looking forward to leaving.  It isn't the Navy that I joined and sad to say but I am looking forward to leaving now.

At the end of February I delivered the Commissioning Parade for HMS Astute in Faslane.  That was an interesting time, trying to mould scruffy submariners into some semblance of smart sailors.  True to form though, they delivered on the day!

During Easter leave Maggie Thatcher passed away so my leave was cut short and I participated in the funeral parade at St Pauls Cathedral.  It all passed off with minimum disruption.  Some scumbag lefties tried to heckle along the Strand but they were drowned out by a group of Falkland veterans.

In July I took a group of sailors over to the Isle of Man for Tynwald Day.  Nobody got arrested, so I deem that a success!

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